Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Just Got Tagged

What a surprise! Yesterday I checked in at Lucretia's Reflection,
just to see what she was up to when I discovered that she had tagged me in a new challenge. Thanks, Lucretia for passing this on to me. I'm not sure that I'm the best candidate to receive this honor, but I'll do what I can and am comfortable doing. Also, you've given me a topic for this week's entry. That's a good thing because I was lacking for a topic this week. Now I've got one.

Five things you need everyday 

1) Coffee! It's my highest priority every morning. Often, I go to the coffee shop for my fix because they serve great iced coffee, which is one of my greatest thirst quenchers during hot weather, and a decent breakfast. At other times, I just make it at home. Like I said, we're talking high priority here.

(2) Music is definitely one of my greatest loves. Depending upon my mood, I cover a lot of territory ranging from metal or dark wave to classical. Generally, I sleep with classical music on.

3) To say that I'm lost without the internet would be an understatement. So, let's just add that to the list.

4) I love my book reading and do some of it most every day. Currently, I'm reading NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, who I think is Stephen King's son.

5) Water--I drink lots of it.

Books you would recommend 

1) I'd like to begin this list with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, which starts off with Interview With the Vampire. I have read up to Tale of the Body Thief , which is the fourth in the series. Interview then, is my first recommendation.

2) Alabaster - by Kaitlin R. Kiernan - This book is comprised of a series of short stories about an albino girl named Dancy, who roams the countryside of South Georgia slaying monsters. There's no particular reason why I chose this book over the others I've read by Kiernan, except that it served as a good introduction to her unique style of writing.

3) The Mystery of Grace Written by Charles de Lint, this is a novel that I wouldn't refer to as Gothic, but it's one that I recommend anyway. It's a beautiful tale about a young lady who living in the Southwest, who suddenly finds herself in the middle of the armed robbery of a small grocery store. She later awakens in the familiar surroundings of her bedroom. But how familiar is it?  I consider Mr. de Lint a superb writer who skillfully uses the supernatural to confront the reader with life's most important questions.

4) The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, is the first of her Mayfair Witches trilogy. In this story the reader becomes acquainted with a line of witches extending through multiple generations from seventeenth-century Europe to late twentieth-century New Orleans. Each member of this group has a unique relationship with a spirit entity named Lasher.

5) Child of the Night: I had long wondered how Nancy Kilpatrick, a horror writer from Montreal, would handle her series of vampire novels and I am quite pleased with the results. This first in a series introduces the reader to a new group of vampires, each with their flaws, strengths and weaknesses. I've only read the first two of Ms. Kilpatrick's vampire series, but in in addition to keeping the reader intrigued, there is a noticeably romantic and erotic theme running throughout both. You really should start with the first one though, and that's Child of the Night

Materialistic wishes for Yule/Christmas presents

Here's my disclaimer on this: I'm really not big on Christmas but Yule is okay. So, if I were into getting presents at that time, here's what I'd like.

1) A black Van Helsing hat. They also come in dark brown but black is my preference.

2) A long Victorian style coat or another leather trench coat. It would need to be appropriate for either fall or winter wear. Black of course!
3) A few romantic dress shirts.

4) A dinner date with Tarja Turunen.

5) Enough money to be able to make all of the above happen whenever I wanted.

Five places I wish to visit

1) Burley, Hampshire, England

2) Whitby, England - Time spent there would include the Gothic festival. 

3) Western Ireland

4) The Canadian Maritime Provinces

5) Romania - Especially Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains.

Adjective that describe me 

1) Pensive

2) Melancholy

3) Sensitive

4) Intelligent

5) Literate

Things I'd say to people about life 

1) Live it honestly.

2) Savor every moment

3) Live your life with dignity

4) Don't let them get to you.

5) Life goes by too fast.

Remember early on how I said that I'm not sure that I'm the best candidate to receive this tagging honor? Well, I said that because I don't want to tag anyone. No offense intended, but I'm just not comfortable doing something that might make some one feel obliged to participate when he or she might rather not.

On a different note, I just learned this morning that Voltaire is coming to town on July 13. Tickets go on sale tomorrow! This is very short notice and seems to have caught all of us by surprise, but it's a very pleasant surprise indeed. You can just about count on some photos and my take on the event a couple of weeks or so down the line. 

Until next time then...




  1. Thanks for accepting the challenge, I loved reading your post! :-)

    You are SOOOO lucky to have Voltaire coming to your area!! I'm hoping he'll come out my way some day. I hope you'll give us a post about it afterwards!

  2. I went through a stage when I got so many of these kinds of tags that I really had nothing left to say; I guess I had tag fatigue. That said however, I really do enjoy reading the answers bloggers give to these questions. :)

  3. Thanks for sending the challenge, Lucretia. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. And yes, I'm excited about Voltaire coming soon. The best part of this is that the venue is actually walking distance from my place. I'll definitely be posting about the event afterward.

    And Little Gothic Horrors, these tags do tend to get around. It wasn't all that long ago that I received a different one.

  4. How are you liking NOS4A2 so far, Nightwind? I saw it at the bookstore the other day, but even though I've liked everything I've read by Joe Hill before, I'm always scared to spend that much on a hardcover just in case it sucks!

    I think we both agree that coffee is, indeed, the breakfast of champions. And life does go by far too quickly. :o)

  5. Actually, Ms. Insomniac, I'm enjoying NOS4A2 very much. The story caught my attention right from the very start and is continuing to intrigue me.

    And yes, coffee is truly the breakfast and drink of champions. It even works for people like me and I'm no champion.