Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's Your Goth Type?

It's been quite a while since I first discovered a website called goth (stereo) types: An Illustrated Guide to Goth (stereo) Types.
The site, which is authored by a lady who calls herself Trelia, contains an interesting page that features nearly three dozen drawings of Goths in most of the subculture's known manifestations; from Trad, Romantic and Cyber Goths to those of the Steampunk, Faerie and Tribal variety. Click on the image of your choosing and you'll find more details about the chosen type.

Since the time that I first discovered Trelia's intriguing site, I wondered just which sub genre I typified the most; after all, I already had a style of my own long before I even knew that Goth existed. Once I discovered and found myself drawn to the subculture, I merely began incorporating a darker aesthetic to my look; at least at first. That's also when I bought my leather trench coat, which I still love and enjoy during the winter months. 

Before long though, simply darkening my style wasn't enough, so I started buying new and more appropriate clothing and accessories. At first, my appearance had morphed into something resembling a blend of Fields of the Nephilim's style with a bit of vampire and a healthy dose of metal. As time went by however, I continued looking for dressier items and now, I often frequent a local vintage resale shop in my never-ending  quest for more elegant, if I can use that word, clothing. 

The truth of the matter is that I'm still not sure just where I'm going with these changes in style. On the one hand, my casual dress remains pretty much the same. I might wear a band shirt and my bat necklace and call it a day. But on the other hand, I find myself striving for a more romantic look for those special occasions, which are finally beginning to happen around here again. Wait a minute! Did I just say romantic? I think I did, and that leads me to a recent realization. 

I was thinking about my short stories and how almost all of them have recurring themes such as preternatural romance, darkly erotic dreams that become reality and seductive vampires, to name a few. My God! I thought to myself. Could I actually be a Romantic Goth? Hmm...The thought does seem to ring true even if I do listen to a lot of metal and love my wide-rimmed hats. Of course, I don't believe that anybody can be exclusively of just one type; and more likely than not, a person is going to dress according to what he or she thinks is appropriate for the night's activities. Still, I read something the other day that pretty much convinced me of my leanings.  

I found a passage in a novel written by Nancy Kilpatrick entitled Near Death. In one moving scene David, a vampire, does what he must do in order to both save his mortal lover and their desire for an enduring relationship. Just before committing himself to action he quotes Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

"'How do I love thee..."'
"'I love the to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach..."'

That did it for me. The intensity of the situation made my eyes tear up. In a flush of emotion I realized that I must be a romantic! In a way, that's a shocking realization for me; especially, since I've pretty much given up on the notion that it will ever happen for me again in this lifetime. But what about you all? Do any of you feel that you personify one type over the others

The goth (stereo) type website

Photo source: Gothic Pictures Gallery


  1. After going over the types again (I've seen it before, had a blast playing with it!), I have come to the conclusion that, as usual, I am an eclectic mixture of Trad, Corp, Romantic and Medieval, with a touch of Tribal thrown in for good measure. I fluxuate between them depending on my mood, the weather, the state of my bank account, and whether or not I need to wash my hair that day.

    Today is definitely a Corp Goth day.

  2. And by the way, although we've never met, I can definitely see you as a Romantigoth. :-)

  3. Well..I am a mixture of Trad,Rivet head,Corp,Metalhead,Romantic (Based on personal interests and my love of The Cure) It all depends on the day.

  4. As I sit here in my black joggers and skeleton t-shirt from our local tattoo shop (and which is now full of holes) I think they have yet to come up with my type - Sloppygoth. :P

    You were surprised? I totally had you pegged as a Romantigoth, Nightwind! :D

  5. I used to be Trad-Goth all the way, but now I'm too tired to flippin' care-is this presentable for work?- nothing looks good on my bod anymore- Goth :)

  6. I find it interesting that a couple of you have already considered me a Romantic Goth. It must have been obvious to everyone but me.

    Still, I totally understand the idea of mixtures. Just yesterday for example, I dressed metal when I went out--and that totally reflected the mood I was in. Romantic or not, I have to admit that dressing according to mood and circumstance is both a pleasurable and creative endeavor.

    And Insomniac, I cannot fathom thinking of you as a Sloppy Goth. The Gothic Mansion stands as testimony that you're anything but sloppy, even if you're sometimes casual in your appearance.

    Underground For Tea, everybody's body changes over time, but I'd be willing to bet that there's still something out there that you'd look awesome wearing. Could your work routine and other outside things be wearing you down a bit?

  7. I'm a "Trad Goth" at heart, having "officially" been a part of the scene since 1985, or so; I'm also a bit of a "purist" when it comes to music, preferring the bands of that time. However, being 40, and a mom, sometimes the clothing I wear has to fit into my lifestyle, which places me in the "Corp Goth" role for work (I can't begin to tell you how many black & pin-striped suits I own!), or "Hippie Goth" for days at the park. About 10 years ago, I decided to go for comfort & practicality when not at clubs/events, so I wore "age-appropriate" clothing, which earned the title of "Death-Rock-Soccer-Mom" (although I had no kids at the time). On the rare occasion I go out, it's still in the "Trad" realm, although sometimes I just don't care. I just really hate the break-down of all the sub-genres; we're all conglomerates of at least 2, so why limit ourselves?

    1. I also forgot to mention that, as a recovering ballerina, I have an affinity toward classical music, and a fondness for tutus, many of which are black, some of them with holes/tears/cigarette burns, etc. I also started out with a more "Death Rock" aesthetic, as that was the easiest to procure as a 12-year-old in the 80s, so there's a part of that still with me.

      Also, I live in SoCal, and it gets hot, so makeup isn't as integral as it used to be. My weekend wear generally consists of tunics & leggings, or long skirts & t-shirts, along with...flip-flops! Overall, I'd label myself as "Boho Goth".

  8. A trad/death rock ballerina? That's awesome and very unique, I would imagine.

  9. Oooh, I have visited that website many times, especially when I was still figuring out what I liked and did not like :3 I used to be such a babybat :3 I'm very glad to think I've somewhat outgrown those years and have developed a decent sense of style xD I don't think I necessarily fit into any specific subtype though, because I like a lot of different things and enjoy to mix and match different styles. The goth types described on that website that I feel are most me, are definitely trad goth and the perky goth x'D Even so, if you saw me walking around on a day to day basis I doubt I'd look anything like the description of those pictures on most days.

  10. It's probably safe to say that we all probably fit the description a little less when going about our daily business, Bazinga. After all, we do have to function in society and confront matters of practicality.