Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Vampire's Day Soiree 2019: A Day of Reckoning

Hello, Dear Readers, and welcome to the eight annual Vampire's Day Soiree, hosted as always by Holly B. Strange, owner of the blog, Holly's Horrorland.

The Vampire's Day Soiree is an event that I always look forward to. As Ms. Holly herself puts it, 

"... Vampire's Day is my alternative to Valentine's Day. For those who prefer bloody hearts.
I celebrate by hosting a virtual sanguinary soiree. All you have to do is post something vampire related on February 14. Say it's for the Vampire's Day Soiree (use #VampiresDaySoiree on social media) at come back here to "mingle" with the other guests."

Mingling with the other guests involves not just sharing comments, but also clinking on the links provided on Holly's Horrorland to other sites in order to see what the various participants have posted about vampires. It's just that simple, but it's an event to look forward to.

My offering usually involves an excerpt from one of my pieces of fiction, and this year will be no different. Still, this year's contribution comes with a disclaimer: As of the time of posting, the story has been proof-read by me once, but has not had it's second going over for errors and has not yet gone to my editor. Yep, it's that new. The piece is still somewhat in it's raw form and so might contain grammatical errors, redundancies, misplaced punctuation,--whatever. Now for a bit of background:

Over the past six or nine months I have become interested in a Facebook page called The Gothic Library, Hosted and given loving attention by a young writer named Mindy Leah. One of the features of her pages involves art inspired stories, and many of the pictures she places on her page certainly does inspire. Because of her work, I have delved into the world of flash fiction; very short stories usually containing 500 words or less. Today's contribution, A Day of Reckoning, started out that way and remains somewhere in The Gothic Library as a very short piece of fiction. Still, there was something about the photo provided and my imagination that couldn't let the story lie in it's short state. I picked it back up and brought it to a much longer form with an entirely different conclusion. It is now the second longest piece I have written.

This time around then, I will start at the very beginning of the story and will present it as I had originally intended; as a piece of flash fiction.

Jessica arose with a start, and looked around the dark room. At first glance everything seemed normal, but she couldn't shake the feeling of unease that had overtaken her. Something was wrong; yet, she couldn't determine what it might be. As the young woman turned toward the bed, she gasped in horror. Stretched out across the covers was the lifeless body of a young woman. A closer inspection revealed that it was her own body. A trail of blood trickled down from two puncture wounds on her neck.

"Oh my God," she screamed. "My God! It can't be! No! Please no!"

The horrific memory of all that had just occurred flooded her mind. She remembered turning off the
lamp on the end table, and only moments later, feeling the breath of the cold night air caressing her skin.

"I don't remember opening the window," she had mumbled to herself while arising to shut it.

Jessica recalled the electrifying fear she'd felt when she saw a darkly dressed stranger standing by the gently swaying curtains. She remembered retreating toward the door when he hissed at her threateningly before opening his mouth wide, revealing two obtrusive fangs. She recalled struggling valiantly against the stranger's attack, and vividly recollected the sharp pain in her neck as the man's incisors penetrated her soft skin. She sobbed uncontrollably as she gazed upon the body that was once hers; now lifeless and drained of its essence.

Time stood still as the young woman, filled with grief over her own passing, continued to stare at that
which had once been her earthly vehicle--a body that once experienced pain and pleasure as well as the feel of the cool wind blowing through her hair. She thought about the young man she loved waiting for her back home, and how he had no way no way of yet knowing that she would not be returning to him.

She recoiled with the thought that her best friend, with whom she was staying, would react in the morning upon discovering her dead body. Her thoughts then turned to her friends and family back home, and the good times they'd all had together. Jessica grieved for the fleeting life she once had.
Seemingly frozen in time, she struggled to make peace with that which had happened.

When Jessica could no longer bear the sight before her, she stooped over in an effort to touch her former earthly vehicle. Then, she turned and walked out the door, without even attempting to open it.

Upon her arrival in New Orleans, she'd heard stories about resident blood drinkers, but had dismissedthem as superstitious fantasy and failed to pay them any mind. Now she believed; and, as she strode out into the darkness of the night, she promised herself that she would make the creature pay for what he'd done. 

"Vampire or not," she told herself, "he'll pay a high price for what he's done to me."

There you have it; A Day of Reckoning in it's original form. The full story will appear in my next book. I'm just not sure when it will be published as more material still needs to be written first. I will say however, that I'm well along the way toward that goal. At least I didn't exactly leave you the reader hanging this time; or, did I? 

Again, many thanks to Holly B. Strange for hosting this annual event. If you want to access the Holly's Horrorland website click here!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Vintage Halloween Pictures 2018

Well folks, the spooky season has arrived once again, so that can mean only one thing; it must be time for The Gothic Embrace's annual exhibition of vintage Halloween art and pictures. I think I've chosen some great representations of Halloween from times go by, so let's jump right in, shall we? 

What better way to begin than with a picture of an old witch flying in front of the full moon This is classic old-time Halloween stuff. As in this case, there was often a short poem or saying that accompanied this type of art work. Might this particular piece have graced the front of a greeting card? Or perhaps it was a party invitation to further entice anxious youngsters to attend. Either way, I like the Jack-O'- Lantern that hangs off the back of her broom stick as well as the bats.

Next, we have the cover of a publication called Tick Tock Tales. A child sits on his bed reading Halloween tales as his animal friends (stuffed animals perhaps?) and a ghostly Jack-O'-Lantern looks on. Although the date of the publication (if it was ever real) is missing, you can get a clue to its age by looking at the price, which is partially covered up by the ghostly one. It looks like ten cents. How long ago was it when you could find comic books for that price?  

Are these trick or treaters or something from beyond the veil? Only they know for sure. 

This one is simple, but typical of older Halloween art work. The small lettering says the way it should be. As a Halloween and horror traditionalist, I must concur. 

Here we have another witch. Unlike images of of darkly dressed witches that were and still are depicted as scary, this lady in green seems far less so. Still, if you look closely you'll see what appear to be dark Jack-o-lanters on her gown. This time, an owl rides at the back of her broom. 

I always like to guess, by the art, what time period photos such as these were created. Judging from this lady's style of dress and the fact that she appears less evil, I'm guessing the 1910s or 20s. What do you think? 

Last but not least we have this scary guy standing inside of a coffin-shaped....well, something or other. He's carrying a Jack-o'-lantern and is flanked on either side by two black cats. A bat sits atop the clock that graces the top of the coffin. Such clocks with faces also help date a piece of art. That said, your guess is as good as mine as to when this might have been created. And just what is that guy? His head is skull-like, so he could be a skeleton. Then again, he might be a vampire. They do, after all, spend a lot of time in coffins.  

Well, there you have it; this year's vintage Halloween art offering. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy finding something to put up here. 

A Happy and Spooky Halloween to all! 

This year's photos were all taken from the public photos section of Vintage Halloween Pictures on Facebook.

Monday, May 21, 2018

World Goth Day

 Tuesday, May 22 is World Goth Day. May yours be fabulous!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Vampire's Day Soiree 2018: The Arrival of Narkissa Laveau

Hello there, Dear Readers! It has been a long, cold winter here in Northwest Arkansas but we have finally arrived at a very special date. It's February 14. Most folks around these parts like to celebrate this date as Valentines Day. For me and certain other writers and bloggers the fourteenth means something else. It's time once again for the seventh annual Vampire's Day Soiree, hosted as always by my blogging friend Holly Strange on her excellent blog entitled, Holly 's Horrorland.

As I've mentioned before, The Vampire's Day Soiree always takes place on Valentine's Day as an alternative for those of us with a darker outlook on things. Besides, what could possibly be more romantic than an encounter with the right vampire? No doubt, vampires are dangerous, blood-thirsty creatures, but they are also sensual and romantic. 

If you're a blogger and would like to participate in this event, just click on the above link or the link provided at the end of this post, and it will take you back to Ms. Holly's site. Once there, simply follow the easy instructions to get signed up, and then create something on the topic of vampires on your own blog. Finally, make sure that you link back to Holly's Horrorland so that those who hadn't visited there yet will have the opportunity to see not only Holly's, but everyone else's contribution to the day's event. Also, you are free to use the above art work on your blog in order to signify that you're involved with Holly's celebration. After all, she goes through a certain amount of trouble providing unique art for every event, and this is the seventh annual. So why not take advantage of her labor of love? 

That said, it's time for my personal contribution; and as always, I am providing you the reader with an excerpt from one of my short stories. This year's contribution comes from one of my more recent tales entitled The Arrival of Narkissa Laveau, which appears in my second book called The Darkness Beyond the Misty Veil: More Tales of the Macabre.

A little background is in order. A soon-to-graduate university student named William gets on Facebook one day to discover a new friend request. As he investigates its source, he discovers that it originated from a dark but beautiful woman, who plays the part of a vampire for internet productions. He accepts her request, and over time, can't get her out of his mind. When summer arrives, he discovers upon her invitation for a visit, that she lives only a few hours away in a small Ozark town called Fox Grove. He is to meet her in the local cemetery after dark. Although he believes that she is carrying her acting role a bit too far, he agrees to the meeting. We pick up the story as he awaits Narkissa's arrival at the cemetery. 

The late afternoon heat had tempered somewhat by the time William walked into the cemetery. Evening had arrived. With its presence came the loud buzzing of cicadas emanating from the treetops and the cawing of crows, warning their brethren of his arrival. He gazed around the graveyard, hoping that Narkissa might have arrived ahead of him, but there was no sign of her.
She did tell me to meet her after dark, he reasoned. It's early yet. So, I might as well find a way to amuse myself until she arrives. He decided to explore the cemetery, and to see what he could learn about the earlier residents of Fox Grove.
He took note of a boarded up old church with its steeple and bell tower situated on one side of the cemetery. As he walked in the midst of the deceased, a feeling of sadness overtook him. The epitaphs carved into the stone markers told the tales of those who had come before. These had once lived as he lives. Yet, they are long departed; their memory nearly extinguished. Some had left this world at tender young ages. Others had died of accidents and disease. Yet, others had lived to ripe old ages. He didn't particularly care for graveyards. The burial ground upon which he stood reminded him of his own mortality; that one day he too would join their ranks and become nothing more than a fading memory.
The buzzing of the cicadas eventually gave way to an almost eerie stillness as day morphed into twilight. Fireflies arose from the graveyard's grassy bottom, beginning a nightly spectacle that would soon cast a dim, flickering illumination upon the tombstones. Bats emerged from the church steeple, beginning their erratic flight far above the resting places of the dead.
Alone and unaccustomed to the quiet darkness falling over the landscape, a sense of unease—even dread, began to swell up from somewhere deep within his soul. He walked nervously toward Narkissa's altar tomb and sat down upon it, waiting in silence as the darkness deepened.
Without warning, the sound of rustling vegetation and the snapping of fallen branches coming from the nearby woods broke the silence. Something of considerable size was moving around just beyond his limited field of vision. He shuddered as he contemplated the possibilities. William, although unaccustomed to the country, understood that black bear and even worse, wild hogs inhabited the Ozark region. He sat in silence, making not the slightest move out of fear that it would attract whatever predator might be lurking in the shadows nearby.
The last vestiges of twilight had given way to night by the time the disturbing sounds moved off into the distance. He breathed a silent sigh of relief as he gazed up at a quarter moon rising above the tree line to the east, shedding a dim, eerie light upon the grave markers and monuments, which in turn cast long but barely distinguishable shadows across the grassy floor.
I can't take any more of this, he decided. This is too creepy, and I'm not going to sit here for another minute waiting for some ungodly creature to attack me. I've been played for a fool and I'm getting out of here right now.
He stood up, turned toward the highway, and began walking toward his vehicle. He had only taken a few steps when something took hold of his shoulder. Sheer terror gripped at him as he spun around in an attempt to break it's grasp. “Augh!”
“Why William, what's wrong?”
His heart beat so furiously he thought it might jump out of his chest. Although completely unnerved and somewhat embarrassed, he now stood face to face with the beautiful Narkissa Laveau.
“I....Uh....” He was speechless, embarrassed, and unable to do anything more than stand before her sheepishly.
She chuckled at his discomfort before addressing him. “You are William, aren't you?”
“Uh yeah, I am.”
“Did I startle you?”
Seeing a way out of an embarrassing situation, he quickly collected his thoughts. “Yeah, I guess you did. I didn't see you coming and all of a sudden, there you were.”
“We vampires are hunters and creatures of the night,” she responded. “How could we stalk our prey if we announced our presence beforehand?”
She stared at him intently in the dim moonlight, her eyes reflecting the luminescence with a greenish hue. Narkissa's beauty ensnared him; yet, her facial expression betrayed any attempt on her part to hide her hunger—a hunger he could not define. Was it sexual? Or was it something else?
“So, is that what I am,” he asked flirtatiously, “your prey?”
“Isn't that why you came here? Didn't you imply that you'd like to be my victim?”
Although he was already under her spell, feelings of unease arose from within him once again. She's sure taking this vampire thing seriously, he admitted to himself. I sure hope she's not detached from reality. Wouldn't that be just my luck?
“Would you like to see my lair?” She asked. “You know, the one I've highlighted in some of my photos? After all, I'd like to put you at ease and make you as comfortable as possible.”
“Sure, lead the way.”
She took his hand and led him across the graveyard toward the abandoned church. Her hand was cold to the touch, but he hardly noticed, so intoxicated was he by her contact. 

Well, there you have it; my contribution to this year's Vampire's Day Soiree. In years past, I've been light-heartedly teased by the readers due to the stories not yet being available during the time of their reading. This year is different. The full story is published and available. I have already placed a link above to my other site where you can gain access to The Darkness Beyond the Misty Veil: More Tales of the Macabre in print, ebook, or Kindle. I will place another link to my promotional website right below that leading to Holly's Horrorland. There you will find information on both my books as well as story excerpts I do twice monthly as part of my Creepy Samples Offering. Please though, visit Holly's website first. After all, we're celebrating the special event she has created for our enjoyment. 

To sign up or access other Vampire's Day Soiree material follow this link.

To access Ms. Holly's full website follow this link.

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