Saturday, October 27, 2018

Vintage Halloween Pictures 2018

Well folks, the spooky season has arrived once again, so that can mean only one thing; it must be time for The Gothic Embrace's annual exhibition of vintage Halloween art and pictures. I think I've chosen some great representations of Halloween from times go by, so let's jump right in, shall we? 

What better way to begin than with a picture of an old witch flying in front of the full moon This is classic old-time Halloween stuff. As in this case, there was often a short poem or saying that accompanied this type of art work. Might this particular piece have graced the front of a greeting card? Or perhaps it was a party invitation to further entice anxious youngsters to attend. Either way, I like the Jack-O'- Lantern that hangs off the back of her broom stick as well as the bats.

Next, we have the cover of a publication called Tick Tock Tales. A child sits on his bed reading Halloween tales as his animal friends (stuffed animals perhaps?) and a ghostly Jack-O'-Lantern looks on. Although the date of the publication (if it was ever real) is missing, you can get a clue to its age by looking at the price, which is partially covered up by the ghostly one. It looks like ten cents. How long ago was it when you could find comic books for that price?  

Are these trick or treaters or something from beyond the veil? Only they know for sure. 

This one is simple, but typical of older Halloween art work. The small lettering says the way it should be. As a Halloween and horror traditionalist, I must concur. 

Here we have another witch. Unlike images of of darkly dressed witches that were and still are depicted as scary, this lady in green seems far less so. Still, if you look closely you'll see what appear to be dark Jack-o-lanters on her gown. This time, an owl rides at the back of her broom. 

I always like to guess, by the art, what time period photos such as these were created. Judging from this lady's style of dress and the fact that she appears less evil, I'm guessing the 1910s or 20s. What do you think? 

Last but not least we have this scary guy standing inside of a coffin-shaped....well, something or other. He's carrying a Jack-o'-lantern and is flanked on either side by two black cats. A bat sits atop the clock that graces the top of the coffin. Such clocks with faces also help date a piece of art. That said, your guess is as good as mine as to when this might have been created. And just what is that guy? His head is skull-like, so he could be a skeleton. Then again, he might be a vampire. They do, after all, spend a lot of time in coffins.  

Well, there you have it; this year's vintage Halloween art offering. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy finding something to put up here. 

A Happy and Spooky Halloween to all! 

This year's photos were all taken from the public photos section of Vintage Halloween Pictures on Facebook.