Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tales of Dark Romance and Horror - The Book

Ordinarily, I don't like using this blog for commercial purposes and I plan on continuing with that policy. I am however, going to make an exception because after months of working on one particular project, I can now say that I would like to announce the publication of my book, Tales of Dark Romance and Horror. 

 This is a collection of short stories and novelettes that share in common some very human themes; romantic love, forbidden desire, seduction and the struggle against one's personal demons. Then  again, there are demons contained within the book's pages of a different sort. These often inhabit realms that exist outside the human experience, beyond that which is seen by the naked eye. Indeed, they inhabit the dwelling places of the dead and manifest as alluring spirits as well as loathsome, destructive entities.

There are also monsters and dark beings that exist among us in the modern world we inhabit. These are the stuff of folklore and legend. They can be darkly seductive and yet, oh so deadly. We speak here of beings that lurk by the forest in the murkiest swamp lands, and we talk of the undead, blood-thirsty vampires that walk among us in the dark hours of the night.

Tales of Dark Romance and Horror is now available through the Lulu Dot Com book store, which you can find right here.

In the coming weeks it will make its appearance at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other venues as well.

Thank you for reading y'all!