Friday, October 28, 2016

Vintage Halloween Photos

It's becoming sort of a tradition here at the Gothic Embrace for me to post photos of vintage Halloween art in celebration of All Hallows Eve. This time around I plan on continuing to do so, but I want to stretch the meaning of the word vintage just a little bit. 

As I've mentioned previously, I tend to be quite traditional about Halloween and gravitate toward the images and nuances it invoked in me as a child. In other words, as the special night draws near, my thoughts turn to skeletons, black cats, witches on broom sticks, vampires, ghosts, goblins, Jack O' lanterns and other ghoulish creatures of the night. Still, Halloween also invokes in me visions of hay bales, scarecrows, and ears of hard corn lying atop a hay bale or hanging from someone's front door. So, I had a most delightful time when I went a nearby place called the Pumpkin Patch a few days ago in order to find the lucky pumpkin that I will transform into the Jack O' lantern that will grace my front steps. As I walked among the many contenders there, I realized that the whole scene at the Pumpkin Patch is....well, vintage. Perhaps you the reader will agree after looking at the following photos. 

Now, I'm not a photographer and I only used my small phone to capture the essence of the Pumpkin Patch, but I think the photos came out quite well, considering my lack of skill using the phone's camera. 

As you can see, there were quite a few attractive pumpkins to choose from--and this photo alone does not capture their full 

I really like the scarecrow here as he leans against the hay bales with one foot on the wagon, which in and of itself, strikes me as somewhat vintage. Notice what looks like a butter churn to his right and of course, the pumpkins in the background. This picture captures the essence of fall, of you ask me.   

I really like how they did the main sign. Every year the Sequoyah United Methodist Church sponsors the Pumpkin Patch for we lovers of Halloween.

Is it just me or are these corn stalks towering over the pumpkin-laden hay bales simply awesome? 


This is the scene that most impressed me at the Pumpkin Patch. Again, we have another scarecrow, but this fellow has the head and features of a crow. Hmm....just what's going on here? The wagon in the foreground simply has to be an antique. The lady in attendance offered me the use of the wagon as I gathered my pumpkins. Since I only intended to buy one, I declined her offer and much more enjoyed seeing the wagon by the scarecrow. Notice the chopping block to the left of the bench and again, the corn stalks.  

While I only spent a short amount of time at the pumpkin patch I consider it a great experience, and feel confidant that a yearly visit will become a part of my personal Halloween tradition. 

Finally, here's one truly vintage piece by an author unknown. 

I wish all of you, my readers a Spooky Halloween!