Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Weekend

It can argued that I'm always in Halloween mode, but as the nights of October lengthen and autumn's colorful leaves break free of the trees that birthed them and spiral down toward the Earth in the afternoon breeze, my excitement grows with the knowledge that All Hallows Eve is truly approaching.

This year of course, Halloween took place on a Monday, which means that related activities were spread out over the course of the weekend; and then, there were even neat things to do here that actually had nothing to do with the yearly celebration, but which fit in nicely.

On Saturday and Sunday the Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks was held next to the county fairgrounds. Although not the largest such event in the world, there were still plenty of things going on there to make for an interesting day as several members of my local tea society held fairy court. How stately these Fae looked, all dressed in white, as they were led in procession by a kilted man playing the Scottish Bagpipes!

As it turned out, I knew quite a few of the faire's participants. Visiting the gypsy camp was special to me as it was organized and maintained by a special friend whom I hadn't seen in quite a while. It took quite a while before the sun moved around enough to warm the camp but inside my friend's sizable black witch's cauldron burned a fire that provided a welcome amount of warmth as we stood around and talked.

Of course, there were the usual things that you find at such affairs, which included medieval combat displays, the queen's procession, vendors with fine leather products and chainmail, belly dancers, and some of the best chicken wings that I've had in a long time.

On Monday, I arrived at our town square early knowing full well that it would soon be occupied by legions of youngsters dressed in their costume finery for the annual trick or treat festivities. Each year, the local businesses around the square set up shop out on the sidewalks in order to give the kids a safe Halloween experience. My criticisms concerning this event centered around two things: Instead of playing Halloween music the local PA system was playing totally unrelated material such as some by the Supremes and other mainstream popular music. Couldn't they have at least found more appropriate music for such an event? Then, there was the problem of trick or treating in the sunshine. I mean, come on now, Halloween is all about the darkness isn't it? Still, I can't really blame the event organizers for hosting the kids in the bright sun of day. After all, wasn't it the Congress who, in their infinite wisdom, decided to extend daylight savings time for another week? Truth be told though, the legions of little ghouls seemed happy enough to be in costume and receiving lots of candy.

Later that evening, I walked down to the entertainment district in order to attend a Monday Halloween Metal event, which featured four separate bands. I stayed for three and really appreciated the first group's vocalist as he was quite a good grunter. I always enjoy seeing the ladies dressed in their costumes for such events; they never fail to be...well...enticing might be a good description. One adorable-looking lady introduced herself to me and talked me into trying a tequila drink that is allegedly named after her--the Wild One. It was a very tasty beverage that has a way of sneaking up on a person. After two of these I certainly needed nothing else to drink; and while I wasn't hung over the next morning, I felt a lingering buzz throughout the next day.

Yesterday, one of the local Halloween stores held its day after 50 percent sale. Needless to say, I added a bit of decor to my humble abode.

Ah yes, Halloween is truly a glorious night. The good part about it all is that there are only 363 days left until it comes around again. In the meanwhile, I can pretend, just like I always do. 

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Sunday, October 16, 2011


I find it hard to believe that several months have passed by since I removed my short stories from this blog. During the interim, I added nothing here; although I have continued work on my short fiction and believe it or not, am currently working on a story that could very well fit the description of novelette. That's something I have not been able to attain up until this point since I have considered myself a short-story writer without the staying power to write a novel. Still, writing a novelette is a step in the right direction and I'm very please with the way in which my new creation is unfolding. We'll see how it goes. So where does the theme of inspiration fit in to all of this? Actually, it has come to me in two forms.

This past June I joined a local tea society, which is in reality, a new group that holds monthly meetings in order to support and inspire we creative types. Originally, I got involved with hopes of meeting up with some of the Gothic members of my community, and I can't say that I'm disappointed in that respect. Still, as a group we're getting more focused and are inspiring one another toward greater achievement. Yesterday, we discussed the fact that next month will be National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  While some group members may attempt to write an entire novel during November, others committed to doing something creative each day of the month. Although I committed myself to neither, I did think of this long-neglected blog and mentioned that I might pay more attention to it. While November is still a little over two weeks away, my other source of inspiration made an update here a little more immediate.

Just today, I became a follower of a popular blog known as the Ultimate Goth Guide, which is maintained by a young lady named Amy, who presents a wealth of information to her readers on all things Goth. I highly recommend visiting her site. Still, after becoming a follower I didn't want people visiting her site to discover mine only to come here and find nothing. That said, between the two motivations I have finally added something here and now that I've broken the ice, maybe I'll stay inspired enough to at least post here from time to time; after all, there's plenty to talk about.

Photo source: Gothic Pictures Gallery. Artist unknown