Monday, November 5, 2012

Post Halloween Blues

Well, another Halloween has come and gone and I find myself going through the motions during the short limbo that is situated between All Hallows Eve and the beginning of the holiday season. It's a time during which October's bright autumn colors, although not completely faded, begin to take on more of a brownish hue--their November look, as I like to call it.

Once Halloween passes, I attempt to hold on to it a bit longer by embracing the Mexican Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, which actually includes both November 1 and 2. Still, these two days and nights pass by quickly as well, and I am soon faced with a dreadful but inevitable truth: The autumnal celebrations of the macabre have truly passed for another year. Still, the vampire Lestat, whom I rescued from the local Halloween Express recently, has now come inside to join forces with some of my other spooky acquaintances in an ever-growing group effort to give my humble abode the feel of Halloween all year round; so all is not lost.

Due perhaps, to both the passing of another Halloween and some personal issues, I'm in a bit of a creative lull right now and am coming up with a blank in terms of what to cover in future blog posts. Still, when I get it all figured out you'll all be the first to know. 

Photo Source: Gothic Pictures Gallery.
Artist unknown


  1. There's always Half Halloween (and of course tonight is Guy Fawkes Night). :)

  2. There's a Half Hallowe'en? Jeez, I'll have to Google that!

    It's a good time of year to take a creative break ... looking forward to whatever you come up with! :o)

  3. I had to Google both Guy Fawkes Night and Half Halloween. I've got to admit to having never heard of either. Of course, there is World Goth Day around May 22.

    Yes, it does seem a good time to take a natural creative break.