Friday, November 9, 2012

Saga of the Combat Boots: The Finale

Right about now I can imagine the reader's reaction to seeing another post here about my combat boots. "Oh no," he or she is probably saying, "not more about those danged boots!" 

Well here's the thing folks, this entry is not about those boots; you know, the ones that I purchased several weeks ago and which were about three sizes too big. You're viewing a different pair. Here's what happened. 

Just before Halloween I walked into my favorite resale shop as a part of my perpetual search for appropriate clothing and I saw this pair occupying the same space where I had found the other ones. Looking them over, I quickly ascertained that they were a size ten and one half--an exact fit. I quickly tried them on and was delighted to find that they had a zipper on the side, which made putting them on and taking them off a true delight compared to the others. There was plenty of room for my feet without any need for concern about slippage.   

While checking them out the same store clerk who left open the possibility of a swap was passing by. I mentioned my new find to him and remembering his kind offer from a few weeks previously, he suggested that I bring in the old pair and we would just trade out. First thing the next morning, I was there to claim my comfortable new combat boots. I need not worry about friction burns or wearing three pair of socks with them--and I got them for the low price of $15.00 What a deal! And on this note, I'm very happy to report that this blog's Saga of the Combat Boots has come to an end.


  1. lol! "Saga of the Combat Boots" ...this post gave me a good chuckle indeed. Glad you found yourself the perfect boots, but have to shed a tear now that the saga is over, *sniff* ;)

  2. All`s well that ends well, till you see some more…….

  3. It's nice the your thrift store let you do an exchange so you didn't have to end up with TWO pairs of combat boots! Cause that would be bad, right? ;o)

  4. Yes, I do appreciate the thrift store and its willingness to take back the old pair. That's why I like going there, they'll work with you.

    It wouldn't have been a disaster if I had two pair of boots, but I didn't mind saving money on the new pair.

  5. Well-fitting boots sounds like a good resolution.

    Currently I'm trying to get my other half to take my boots in return for buying me some combat boots that fit me better than the ones I was given... They fit him far better than they do me!

  6. I have to agree with you HouseCat; it's nice having a pair that actually fits.

  7. I actually agree with your fashion sense. I have tried pairing combat boots with dresses and cargo pants. Guess what? They look awesome! I usually check for combat boots on hunting stores for they offer sturdy and inexpensive boots. Plus they have a huge array of displays to choose from.

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