Sunday, May 21, 2017

World Goth Day 2017

I can't believe that it almost slipped by me. Fortunately, one of my fellow bloggers mentioned it and I experienced one of those oh sh*t moments. I'm talking about World Goth Day, and it's happening tomorrow, Monday, May 22.

How did a day I typically celebrate almost escape my attention? Well, the only excuse I can offer is that I've been busy in recent weeks.  Couple that with the fact that absolutely nothing is happening anywhere around here to celebrate our special day and well, you get the picture. I almost blew it, but thanks to fellow bloger Vampire Rose
  my goth credentials will remain intact. 
In any event, I hope you all have something special planned for the day and most importantly, keep it spooky.



  1. Luckily I saw it on Instagram early enough to come up with a post over there at least, Nightwind. Nothing huge happened around here either, except a pile of traffic on the highways coming home from the Victoria Day long weekend. ;)

    1. As it turned out, I had a planned get together with a young friend who's very goth friendly. When I told her that the next day was World Goth Day she decided to dress up. We met at the coffee shop and held our own little event. It worked out well.