Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saturday's Darkness Resurrected Dance Night

On the night of Saturday, February 15, the first Darkness Resurrected Dance Night of the new year kicked off at The Stolen Glass in downtown Fayetteville. The Valentine's Hangover Party, as it was so name, began an hour earlier than usual with the new 8:00 to 9:00 pm slot dedicated to a more traditional goth/dark-wave musical repertoire. As my personal reward for arriving early, I was treated to the sounds of bands such as Type O Negative, Clan of Xymox, London After Midnight and Celtic Frost; to name a few.

While I didn't try to count the number of attendees in any serious way, I suspect that last Saturday's affair brought in the largest number of attendees for any Darkness Resurrected night to date; encouraging news indeed for those of us hoping to see more of these events in the future.

Speaking for myself, I had a pretty good time. A little after my arrival some friends whom I hadn't seen since the Voltaire concert back in July startled me by sneaking up while I was nursing my first Guiness. It was good to see them and their appearance pretty much guaranteed that I would end up playing at least one game of pool before the night was through. I wasn't disappointed on that account even if my performance on the table was a bit below average even for me. Also, Saturday night was very productive in that I made some new acquaintances. Some of these were folks I'd seen before and had been wanting to meet and some were there for the first time. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to seeing these folks at future events.  

The Deejays for the evening included DJ Durandal (of course), DJ Axis Stevens from Tulsa, Oklahoma, DJ Deathjest; also from Tulsa, and DJ Anthony Bale. As usual, I thought all four provided us with a good mix of danceable music. I took secret delight in hearing the haunting melodies of Dead Can Dance and the teasingly danceable rhythm of Lucretia My Reflection w hile concentrating on my pool game. One thing I always find neat about these gatherings is that in the days following the event, each deejay posts his or her playlist for that night. That's how I found out  the name  of the Celtic Dust song that I enjoyed so much that evening. It's called Drown in Ashes, and I've been enjoying the heck out of it now that I have access to it.

While the next Darkness Resurrected Dance Night will likely not be held until some time in May, I can't help but wonder what it may hold in store. You see, when I entered the venue and paid my modest cover charge, I received a ticket for free entrance to a so-called mystery event that is in the planning for some time in the future. Ah yes, an air of intrigue should be the perfect tool to keep us waiting in anticipation for our next gathering--or perhaps the next!

Many thanks to all the Deejays, those who worked the door, the venue staff and everyone who came and helped make the Valentine's Hangover Party a night to remember.

The above photo appears courtesy of Darkness Resurrected. 



  1. Oh, it sounds like a great night! So glad you had such a good time and hopefully the strong turn out will spawn more events of this kind in your local area.

  2. It was a great night and it's really good to see the event gaining momentum. I think it bodes well for the future.

  3. I'm listening to Drown in Ashes as I read your post ... isn't the internet wonderful? ;o)

    Okay, so did you feel the naming of this month's Darkness Resurrected event as the Valentine's Hangover Party was an accurate prediction for most of the attendees? And how about you? ;o)

    May for the next scheduled one, eh? I better get cracking on that coat. I've always considered myself a fairly flexible person ... who knew I'd find it so difficult to sew in a space that's not my own! Certainly not me. :P

    1. I'd have to agree with you Ms. Insomniac; the internet is wonderful indeed. Do I feel that naming the event the Valentine's Hangover Party was an accurate prediction? Hmm...I really don't know. I know that I participated more in the Vampire's Day activities on the 14th, rather than anything related to Valentine's Day. And since I have no Valentine I had no hangover to worry about. I can't speak for anyone else though.