Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Up and Coming: Darkness Resurrected-Valentine's Day Hangover

It has been a while since I've mentioned anything here about Fayetteville's Darkness Resurrected Dance Night. Considering that most of my readers are not local to me, I thought it best to feature it in a post after the affair was held for the first time, but then move on to other topics; this, in spite of my continued enthusiasm for the bi-monthly event and my hopes for its continued success. 

This week however, I do want to talk about it again; and I'd like to do so in the context of of what appears to be an unfolding phenomenon across the nation, the incremental disappearance of goth clubs and goth nights. 

Why this is happening is open to speculation, but my opinion is that both the scene and many involved with it are getting older. It seems that every so many years some new alternative, musical style or celebrity comes along that catches the fancy of the younger generation for awhile, thereby setting the interested on a new and perhaps unique path. New subcultures develop. Then, there's the fact that as people get older, they become more settled and have less need to frequent night clubs with all the excitement that thrives in them. Speaking only for myself, I'm generally quite contented to watch an episode of Dark Shadows and then read a few pages in The Lives of the Mayfair Witches or whatever before turning in for the night; especially during these cold winter months. It's also quite common to hear folks complaining about the newer music played at various Goth or alternative venues. Many, it would seem, prefer that the music remain truer to the style of original dark wave or goth rock. 

Whatever the reason for the growing rarity of Goth events, I feel that we in the Fayetteville area should consider ourselves fortunate that we have Darkness Resurrected Dance Nights. After all, this is an event that continues the traditions of the original goth scene and for many, it's a chance to get together with old friends and acquaintances. I know that DJ Durandal and his fellow Deejays and supporters work hard and sometimes travel many miles in order to make these happenings successful. Now that's dedication to a cause!

After a bit of online discussion with DJ Durandal, an announcement appeared on the Valentine's Day Hangover's Facebook page.
It seems that a full hour of the older music will be offered, starting at 8:00 pm. An hour of old-school goth earlier in the evening? How can I resist?
The main event takes begins at 9:00 pm and runs until 2:00 am at the Stolen Glass in downtown Fayetteville on Saturday February 15. Lots of folks showed up for the Halloween costume party back on November 1. Hopefully, it will be the same this time around.        


  1. I imagine that you're quite right about different generations of goths being drawn to different incarnations of goth music, and as the younger generation of goths are no doubt a bigger market, that audience is more likely to be catered for. It's great that you're able to attend an event that appeals to you, and especially great that they are making a special effort to provide some old-school goth music!

    Have a great time! I look forward to reading your account of the night. :)

  2. Not just different styles of goth music, Little Gothic Horrors, but just different music and subcultures entirely. My belief is that there have always been goths, Edgar Allan Poe comes to mind, and that people who are so inclined will gravitate in that direction. Still, goths have always been a minority. That's why I think it's important to keep these and other events going.

  3. I agree. I believe that we have always been around, but there wasn't always a name for us. I think it's awesome that Darkness Resurrected exists, and that they are now offering an earlier old-school session as well. As I live about an hour away from our closest goth club, I'd be up for the earlier time as well!

  4. I'm totally up for the earlier time, but I seem to end up staying until 2:00 am or so anyway. We'll see what happens this time. I'd feel much better the next day if I left earlier; of that there's no doubt.

    I think it's interesting that you still have a "goth club" in your area. But then again, you live in California, so I shouldn't be all that surprised.