Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vampire's Day Soiree

I can't believe that it has already been a year since I participated in my first Vampire Day Soiree but when I visited Holly's Horrorland
yesterday, I spotted Holly's invitation to participate once again. All I'd have to do is sign up on her blog site, place the accompanying badge on my page and post about something vampire related. It's all easy enough to do and something vampire related just happened this week; so that part will be a cinch.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Bela Lugosi mug from the Insomniac's Attic and it came in on Monday, just two days ago. Since I have a large, covered coffee mug that I've been both using at home and carrying to coffee shops for years, my new container will be strictly for tea drinking and hopefully, will serve me well for many a cold winter afternoon to come. 
I've also come to the realization that during the warmer months of the year, I hardly ever drink tea--at least not at home. For me, a hot Earl Grey, green or English tea is something that I crave during the cool, dark and dreary days of late autumn and winter. This being the case I've decided that Bela will serve quite well as a part of my decor during the long, hot summer. Anyway, let's take a closer look at Bela--or should I say, Count Dracula?


Here's the Count in all his glory. Notice the blood dripping from the left side of his mouth. I sure hope none of it gets into my tea. 

And here he is enjoying himself with friends. I think he'll fit in just fine. 

I really appreciate Ms. Holly's creating of this alternative Valentine's Day tradition, and I enjoy participating in it. It's like she says, this is a day dedicated to people who believe in "love at first bite." 


  1. Love the Count cup! I have the perfect thing to put in it on my blog too, some blood of the vine!

    I appreciate that you appreciate this tradition. As long as you and others enjoy it, it shall continue!

  2. That's a fabulous cup, I love the Insomniac's thing!

  3. i got to have that cup... sweet my coffee would be.

  4. I think Bela looks very happy in his new home!

    Next year I will be more prepared and participate in Holly Horrowshow's awesome Valentine's tradition! :o)

  5. I'm glad that you all liked the Bela mug. I've grown quite fond of it myself and I'm really pleased to know that it has contributed to this year's Vampire's Day Soiree.

    And Holly, I'm hoping that there was good participation today so that we can celebrate again next February 14.

  6. The Bela mug is fabulous, and as the wonderful Insomniac's Attic has already mentioned, he looks very at home in his new abode. Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

  7. And a Happy Valentine's Day to you, Little Gothic Horrors, and to all.