Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vampire's Day Soiree: Angeline: For All Eternity

It's just about 1:30 in the afternoon as I write this, so I'm very late with my participation in today's alternative Valentine's Day activity called Vampire's Day Soiree, which is taking place at Holly's Horrorland. Truth be told, I haven't figured out how to become a guest on Holly's blog and it will be okay if I can't pull it off. 

I don't have a new vampire post or anything, but I do write short Gothic fiction; so I thought that I would simply post an excerpt from one of my vampire stories called Angeline: For All Eternity. I hope that it will make a nice contribution to today's event. 

From Angeline: For All Eternity - by A.D. Vick

“You want to be with me don’t you Adam? I can feel your desire—your craving for me. Well, I crave you too my love—in ways that you cannot even fathom. I want your life—your essence to become a part of me.”

Gently stroking his hair and face she continued. “I ask only one simple pleasure from you. I demand a ritual that I believe will be equally as pleasurable for you as for me. If you trust me enough to consent to this it will seal our bond as life partners; you will have gained my eternal love and affection. We will walk together through this world in unison and with undying devotion to one another.”

Although he would have consented to just about anything she desired at that moment Adam made a feeble attempt at cohesiveness by offering a question. “What type of ritual do you want me to take part in? What is it that you want?”

“I ask only that you allow me to drink some of your blood,” she responded. “I won’t hurt you and I believe that you’ll find it to be a most pleasurable experience, but that is what I ask.” 

Angeline: For All Eternity: Copyright © 2009 A.D. Vick, All Rights Reserved 

Photo Source: Gothic Pictures Gallery Author unknown

To participate in today's Vampire's Day Soiree, simply follow this link to Holly's Horrorland. 



  1. Wow, that's a really cool post. I love that it's different from a lot of the other blog posts in this bloghop. Really cool!

  2. Thank you both for the kind words!

  3. As I have been gifted, from another site, to read this in full, I must say I will never tire of this story and consider it one of my favorites, of which I read often!