Sunday, October 25, 2020

Vintage Halloween 2020

Temperatures are dropping. Colorful leaves break from the branches that held them fast during the summer months, swirling and dancing in the brisk winds of autumn as they fall toward the ground. The daylight hours diminished as the darkness slowly increases its grip. The spooky season is once again upon us. All Hallows Eve draws nigh!

Hello, dear readers! Halloween is in the air. Excitement builds as the veil between the worlds grows thinner. One can almost feel the intersection between the worlds as the revered night approaches. Everyone has their own way of celebrating the event; but, as for me, I like keeping it traditional by both looking at, and promoting vintage Halloween art.

This year, however, I have something a little different in mind. I still intend to keep the vintage involved; and,, in a sense, keep the art as well. It will just be a different type of art. What I'm talking about is music.

Some of my fondest Halloween memories bring me back to childhood when I was in elementary school. I can clearly remember having to sing a song about the witch. While I don't remember the actual title, I do remember a bit of the lyrics, which, of course, involved an “ugly old witch.” The question is, do you celebrate Halloween with music? If so, what kind?

There's a lot of music that's quite suitable for the occasion. Goth Rock, Dark Wave, and even lots of metal do the trick, as do old classics such as “The Monster Mash,” and “The Flying Purple People Eater.” Then, there's neoclassical dark wave, and even some classical music has spooky elements, which is often achieved harmonically in order to make the music sound eerie.

Have you ever wondered what Halloween music sounded like way back in the old days before these more modern musical genres existed? Well, that brings me to this year's treat: forty minutes of Halloween songs from the 1910s, 20s, and 30s. This is definitely material that dates back to the early days of recording music. It doesn't get more vintage than that.

So, I wish you all a Happy Halloween, and enjoy!



 And just in case you're wondering what I listen to for Halloween, I present you with the following song. No, it's not as vintage, but it absolutely personifies the holiday for me. 



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