Saturday, October 28, 2017

Vintage Halloween Photos 2017

As I write this post it is Saturday and Halloween is just three days away. For the past few years or so the Gothic Embrace has commemorated the event by celebrating the art of Halloweens gone by. This year, I have chosen more great art from the past to make this upcoming All Hollow's Eve just a bit more traditional and to help maintain the magic some of us used to feel with the arrival of this special night back in the day, so to speak.

This picture, although simple, contains many of the elements we consider a part of Halloween; a grave marker, a female Jack O' Lantern mourning the loss of her loved one, and an owl and crow sit atop the marker even as a black cat approaches. Notice the spider descending the length of the stone. Even the tree has come alive.

What's not to love about a little back kitten popping out of a Jack O' Lantern?

This photo must be quite old, judging from the dress the child is wearing and the furniture behind her. Still, this visual would work well with any modern horror film.

Notice the corn stalks behind the Jack O' Lantern and in the background. Back in the old days there seemed to be more of a connection between the harvest, the changing seasons and Halloween than we see now.

A ghost, Jack O' Lanterns and a black cat beneath a spooky looking tree along with an eerie house in the background? What's not to love about a picture like this?

May your Halloween be dark, spooky, enjoyable and fill you with long-lasting memories!


  1. I do prefer the older Halloween art compared to the contemporary art. The Halloween art looks far more artistic and appears a lot more thought put into the design. I think my favourite is the black cat siting in the pumkin.

  2. We seem to agree on this, Sarah. I'm kind of traditional about Halloween; but then again, isn't Halloween a tradition in and of itself?