Thursday, April 9, 2015

Catching Up

It has been a little over a month since I last posted here; I suppose this is not a good thing considering that I used to make it a point to post once a week. Still, not much of any significance has been happening in my life until last weekend when my vehicle gave up the ghost. There have been no goth events to talk about, no ghost sightings here at the cemeteries and no unexpected romantic encounters with darkly clad women. So for the most part, I've been inactive. Over the past week or so, things have changed a bit and so I thought I'd share these things with my readers.

The Bat Fit 2015 Project

Some months ago, the Insomniac, whom many of you already know, and I somehow got into a discussion about how much I liked the cloak that Hugh Jackman wore in the Van Helsing film that he starred in. After all was said and done, she graciously offered to make me something similar. During the months that transpired she and her husband spent a considerable amount of time and effort moving out of, and saying their goodbyes to the famed Gothic Mansion, the abode in which they had spent so many years of their lives.

After securing a piece of land suitable for the construction of a new home somewhere in the wilds of Alberta, the Insomniac and her spouse spent many months languishing in a hotel/motel room while their new abode underwent construction. Finally, with work on the new place nearly completed, they began moving into their beloved Gothic Cottage, which incidentally, is located in the Spooky Forest. During all of this time, the Insomniac would occasionally keep hope alive that the cloak would one day be completed. So, imagine if you can, how excited I became upon learning a few days ago that the bat fit, as she likes to call it, is on its way to me.

I wish to offer my sincere thanks to the Insomniac for her generosity and hard work with this project. I can't wait until there's an event I'll be able to wear it to. If you'd like to see pictures of her masterpiece and my new treasure, follow this link.

Scoring Goth Points 

Getting harassed is never a good thing and it sure doesn't feel good, but from time to time it happens to people like us and I had another turn at it a couple of days ago. As I mentioned, I'm temporarily without a vehicle and therefore, headed to the south side of town where a recommended used car lot is situated. After going all the way down there and finding the lot closed on Tuesdays, I stopped at my favorite Mexican restaurant where I had a margarita and a tasty meal. Upon resuming my trek back toward the center of town, where a 4:00 pm happy hour beckoned to me, I suddenly heard  a man's voice coming from what I first thought was a loud car radio. As offending vehicle drew closer I looked to see the driver of a pickup truck hanging out his window screaming something at me. At the moment, I'd been so deep in my thoughts that I didn't pick up on what he was screaming at me. I felt his animosity toward me; and for that matter, probably toward goths in general. But what else could I expect? I had been, after all, walking on the south side of town, which with every block you walk away from the center of the city grows more closed minded and intolerant. I hadn't been harassed by anyone in nearly a year and a half, so I simply call it scoring goth points.

The Return of Voltaire

I also learned last week, that Voltaire will once again be returning to Fayetteville on May 13. As with the last two times he appeared here, Voltaire will be performing at George's Majestic Lounge, which I consider a very suitable venue. Also joining him for the show will be the goth/industrral group, Ego Likeness.  

It looks like this will be an enjoyable night; and as a person who can use a bit of cheering up these days, I'm really looking forward to it. I doubt that I'll be able to wear the new bat fit to this affair though, as the weather here is heating up quite quickly this season. It's already getting quite summer-like and it's only early April.

The New Nightwish Album

Several weeks ago I pre-ordered Nightwish's new CD entitled Endless Forms Most Beautiful and it arrived on Saturday. I've got to say, it's a wonderful piece of work and in my opinion, is the most classical sounding album the band has put out yet. Endless Forms Most Beautiful has only served to convince me even more that composer and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, though a metal musician, is one of the great classical composers of our day.

This is also their first album in which the talented Floor Jansen performs the lead vocals. She's an excellent match for the group and if you listen to her vocals singing around the choir in the last song entitled, The Greatest Show on Earth, you'll get a good idea of what she's capable of.

I always get a bit annoyed when people lament the disappearance of good, creative music. Because I know that there's Nightwish.

Well, that's it from here in East Mountain for now. I'm sure that I'll find something else to write about before too long.    



  1. Have you heard of Moonspell? It's a gothic metal band, and they came out with a two-parted album last your. The second part is inspired by Type O Negative and Sisters of Mercy. I'm not sure if they're coming out in your area, but they're coming to Atlanta soon.

    1. I can't say that I've heard of Moonspell, but if they're anything like Type O or the Sisters I'm sure I'd like them. If they ever come this way I'll be sure to check them out. Thanks for the heads up.

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  2. Good to hear from you again! It's too bad you were subjected to crap from that yahoo, but at least all he did was yell out his car window, AND you scored goth points! Now if he'd plowed into a tree because he was yelling and not paying attention to his driving, you'd have gotten a few extra ones. ;-)

    I must check out Nightwish, I have not heard of them before. The closest I have come to "classical goth" music is by Adrian von Ziegler, who is excellent. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I wouldn't describe Nightwish as classical goth, Lucretia. They are a symphonic metal band from Finland and are very popular in Europe. True, some of their music is on the Gothic side for sure, but the main thing about this metal genre is it combines metal with classical elements, such as orchestration, choirs, etc. That said, a lot of Goths do like this band. They're definitely worth checking out.

      It was good hearing from you again as well, Lucretia.

  3. I love Nightwish, and also Within Temptation though I have yet to get the new NW cd (I'm old fashioned, like the hardware in my mitts).

    You may also like the Clockwork Dolls, beautiful classical tones, some pretty heartbreaking songs (I'm thinking Flyboy here, a song set in WW1).

    Being harassed anywhere, anyhow is pretty crappy, especially when so unprovoked. People...well, people can occasionally be utterly crass morons. Hope you still made the happy hour.

    Off to check out the cloak now :)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation on Clockwork Dolls. I'll give them a listen.

      Yes, getting harassed is pretty crappy. I think insecure people do it in order to feel good about themselves. That doesn't make it any less crappy though.

    2. Even though it hasn't arrived yet, I have to agree.

  4. Whoa, you got harassed? How uncool, other than the goth points! :(

    I didn't know there was a new Nightwish CD! I need to up my Amazon order to qualify for free shipping (something besides Tree and Plants of the Boreal Forest, and Lady in Black which I thought I already had but can't seem to find). Hopefully I can get it on Amazon! :)

    Yes, I think the coat will be too warm for the Voltaire gig. But oh, lucky you to be able to attend!

    1. Nightwish has done a lot of promoting for this new CD. They've been doing so for a good year to year and a half. I follow them on Facebook. That's how I knew when the album would be coming out.

      Temperatures are already getting into the low 80s (27.78 degrees C.) here. So, I'll likely have to wait until cooler weather returns to wear the cloak. Dang it!

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  6. I just went and took a peek at the cloak and it is wonderful! Such a kind and generous gesture on the part of the delightful Insomniac's Attic!

    I'm so sorry you were harassed by that utter asshat! Hopefully, the Universe has some special poetic justice lined up for him!

    1. Yes, it's a wonderful piece of clothing, Emma. I'm very grateful for it.

      As for the harassment...oh well, you just get used to it after a while. But thanks for the kind thoughts.