Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Odds and Ends

Another Halloween has come and gone and I'm finding myself in the lull that exists between All Hallows Eve and the holidays, which I don't particularly look forward to. For the most part, I've been involved in mundane activities such as cutting into firewood a couple of large locust trees that came down in the nearby woods during the summer as well as watching the continuing episodes of Dark Shadows and the occasional horror movie at night. As expected, no trick or treaters braved the darkness to visit here on Halloween night, so I'm still enjoying the occasional leftover chocolate bar when the urge strikes me.

On Friday, November 1 we had the final Darkness Resurrected Dance Night of the year and this one was wisely chosen to serve as The 2013 Halloween Ball. Sure, we missed Halloween proper by a day because it fell on a Thursday this year, but no one was complaining that our event was held on during the nighttime hours on the Day of the Dead. Further, I'm happy to report that this event attracted the largest crowd yet. That's good news because we all appreciate DJ Durandal's efforts at organizing these events and want them to be worthwhile for him.

I didn't bring a camera that night and the photos I took with my phone didn't turn out very well. Fortunately, others did better than me and posted their pics on our Facebook page. The photo on the left should show you what an attractive crew we have at Darkness Resurrected. Pictured from left to right are Lexzy, Katrina, Vixx and DJ Axis.  

On a different note, one or two of you asked for more photos of our fall colors around the cemeteries. Truth be told, it's been a very picturesque autumn here in the Ozarks. Further, the beautiful foliage has been a bit slower than usual in disappearing. So, even though we're past our peak there are still some neat sights to behold.


I took this one yesterday, November 11. As you can see, the leaves are turning to more of a golden brown, but they're still colorful enough to make photographing them a worthwhile endeavor.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope you're all enjoying your fall as much as I am. And don't forget, there are only 352 days and 4 hours until Halloween; at least, for those of us here in the States!


  1. Hah, I was right! The leaves are still on the trees down there!! I envy you the gorgeous fall colours - we just get yellow here, hardly any reds or oranges. That's a beautiful shot of the cemetery, Nightwind. :o)

    It is an awesome looking crew at the dance - where's your pic? ;o)

    1. It's true, the leaves are still on, but we had a lot of wind Monday night and a hard freeze last night, so the leaves are falling like snow this morning. I've really enjoyed the colors this year though.

      Three or four photos made their way up on the page and I couldn't find myself in any of them. I don't know where I was when they were taken. That's what I get for not being a social butterfly I guess.

  2. Thanks for the pics! That is SUCH a beautiful cemetery. :-)

    Ick, 352 more days to wait until next Halloween is TOO long!! Hmmm, I wonder if creating an "advent calendar" for Halloween would be appropriate for work... ::evil fangy grin::

    1. I agree, Lucretia, it is a long wait. Still, there's World Goth Day in May and the Holly Horrorland's Vampire Soiree in February. At least these make the wait a bit more tolerable. An advent calendar sounds like I good idea though.