Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mr. Gray: Cemetery Cat

Hey there everyone! Nightwind has been busy with some unexpected projects, so he has entrusted me to handle the blog this week. Therefore, and without any further ado, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Gray and I'm the cemetery cat here on East Mountain.

I'm just one of a number of proud felines that have served the best interests of both those who  maintain these historic burial grounds and the folks whose bodies are interned here.

While I don't know how many cats have served here before me, the exploits of some inspire me. It's a hard job trying to attain to their high standards, but I think I'm up to the task. Let me tell you about the two that I've heard so much about.

First, there was Chadwick. She lived up here with a guy named Charlie long before Nightwind moved up on this mountain. When Charlie decided to go and live somewhere else he couldn't take Chadwick with him, so he left her with a neighbor up the road. She didn't like it much up there, so when Nightwind moved up by the cemeteries, she came back down and resumed her duties--and her exploits are legendary!

When Chadwick was on the watch nothing escaped her notice. Many a dog was run out of the cemetery, with tail between its legs while Chadwick closed in from behind. The same happened with any possum that attempted to cross the graveyard under the cover of darkness. Early one evening, she pinned a young copperhead (a venomous snake) up against the stone wall. Although it tried striking  at her with fangs exposed, she was way too fast for the creature and avoided its deadly attempts with ease. Rumor has it that when Charlie found her as a kitten, he thought she was a boy; hence, the name Chadwick. But she was no boy; instead she was a tough gal who lived to the ripe old age of 21 years. Some like to think of Margaret Thatcher as the "Iron Maiden," but I just say "ha!" That just goes to show how little they know.

Next came Gatito; it means kitten in Spanish. He was all black and I like to think of him as a dark angel because of what he did. You see, he came on the scene just before Chadwick passed on. During her last day and night in this world he stayed by her side lending compassion and comfort to her before Nightwind had to bring her to the veterinarian. Shortly after Chadwick left this world, Gatito disappeared as well. That's why I think of him as a dark angel; he was a black cat who did a good thing and then just...well, vanished. Sometimes it happens that way.

As for me, I was born outside to a feral mama. My place of birth was only a few feet from the largest cemetery. My ma had quite a few kittens actually, and every time she had more she would bring them right to the steps of Nightwind's front door, where she would place them underneath. As winter approached, he put a dog house in the front yard for us (insulting, I know) and put a heating pad in there so that we little ones could keep warm. Sickness, adoptions and runaways took their toll on our little family and by the following autumn, I was alone. When the first cold winds of winter began blowing in late autumn, Nightwind took me in. Now, I get to eat all I want and when the weather's cold or rainy, he lets me sleep at the foot of his bed by the stove. Life is good! But I really do prefer being outdoors where I can do my job and otherwise, tend to business.

This is me at work. In the evening, I like to jump up on the wall and just kind of keep an eye on things. Early in the morning, you can either find me inside the cemetery playing with squirrels or sitting on the roof of the Jeep, where I have a good vantage point and can see the whole cemetery at once. Do you see that tool shed in the background? Well, a big groundhog lives under it. I really keep an eye on him because he likes to come and drink my water. When the weather is warm I especially like staying outdoors at night. That's when some real interesting things happen around here. And Nightwind thinks he has ghost stories to tell? Ha! He has no idea what goes on while he's gallivanting around town, watching scary movies or sleeping. Yep, all the action's out here.

This is me trying to look cute. Actually, I'm just chillin' here after a long night commuting with the local spirits. A cemetery cat needs his rest ya know. But don't let this this cute stuff give you any ideas about coming up here trying to pick me up and petting me. Ya see, I really don't care much for humans and try to avoid them--at least when they''re still alive. Pull into the drive way or otherwise approach my stomping grounds and I'm gone--for hours. Nightwind's about the only one that I actually like. Did I already say that he feeds me and lets me sleep at the foot of the bed? Anyway, it was nice to meet you all. Bye!

Chadwick: RIP


  1. VERY nice to meet you, Mr. Grey! Thank you for sharing your stories and pics with us. You are a very elegant gentleman, and I hope we hear from you again. :-)

    We had a feral Mr. Grey at our apartment complex until recently; he wasn't an alpha, but he was very dignified (like you!) and made his presence felt. Unfortunately, he was badly injured, either in a fight with something waayyy too large or in an accident, and we had to send him to the shelter vet. We never heard what happened to him, but I have a feeling he is guarding his own cemetery now.

    Please tell Nightwind 'hello' for me!

  2. That was the most beautiful tale, Mr. Gray! Chadwick and Gatito made me quite teary. I love cats, and my own beloved feline companion is at the vet at the moment, having tests. My little Phoebe has not been too well lately.

    Best wishes to you, Mr. Gray, as you go about your solemn duties as guardian of the dead. ❤

  3. You're as gifted a storyteller as Nightwind, Mr. Gray. It was a pleasure reading your story today! :o)

  4. Thank you all so much for reading my story. It was nice to meet you all too. And Little Gothic Horrors, I certainly hope that Phoebe returns to you in good health soon.


    Mr. Gray

  5. Nice to meet you Mr. Grey :) And how nice of you to share some of your wonderful stories with us ^^