Monday, January 7, 2013


The Yule festivities and holiday celebrations have come to an end and we find ourselves in the middle of winter--or, at least it feels that way. For me this is a time for introspection and in general, staying closer to home. It's a time of cold and snow, darkness and seclusion. I feel more creative during the winter months because I'm not so easily distracted. Overall, my mood and demeanor are more melancholy; and for whatever reason, this combination of things inspires me to sit down with a hot cup of tea on the desk and do some creative writing..

Although this is a good season for coming up with ideas for short fiction, my near lack of other activity leaves me struggling to find interesting things to write about. There are some exciting possibilities coming up on the horizon, and I have a feeling that 2013 might turn out to be a good year. Still, events haven't unfolded yet; and until they do, there's not much I can relate about them.

I have made one little change here--and I hope that it will only be temporary. For the time being, I have reactivated word verification for comments. I originally took it down because I really don't like going through that process myself; so why not make it easier for my readers here? The trouble is, over the past couple of days I've been getting spammed and have had to start sifting out commercial content from among the legitimate comments. I'm hoping that by reinstating the program for a while, the spammers will get discouraged and just go away. Then perhaps, I'll be able to disable it again. In the meanwhile, I hope this inconvenience doesn't keep any of you from posting.

I hope you're all enjoying the winter!

Photo source: Gothic Pictures Gallery
Author unknown


  1. Here's to staying at home where it's warm, and being introspective and creative. Would you like me to mail you some leftover fruitcake to go with your tea? :o)

  2. Leftover fruitcake? Seriously? I'd love it!

  3. Send me your address! There's a link on my Blogger profile with my email ...

    But if you hate it, just don't tell me, okay? :P

  4. caught up in the throngs of winter melancholy myself, but hopeful about the new year as it opens up. lovely photo!