Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Surprising Acquisition

Although I'm kind of the outdoorsy type, I do like to occasionally take a pilgrimage to the mall, which is on the north end of town. My hour spent there is usually the same every time. First, I pop into Hot Topic just to see if they have anything new that is of interest. Next, I walk down the hall past the food court for a slightly longer browsing experience in Spencer's. I spend a bit more time there because their inventory seems a bit more extensive to me, and because, from time to time, I find some interesting jewelry or Living Dead Dolls there. Finally, I head to the food court for a bite to eat before making a quick exit. I suppose I'm a typical guy in this regard; when it comes to shopping, I'm in and out in little more than a heartbeat. 

Yesterday was no different--that is, not until I was leaving. That's when I saw it out of the corner of my eye--a simple T-shirt hanging on the wall in a store I had never before visited. Still, the garment stopped me in my tracks. When I went inside, the clerk told me that the shirt was a part of the O.G. Abel Collection, someone I had never heard of. Long story short, I made an unexpected purchase and took my new possession home. You can probably understand why. While I don't want to use this blog to make any commercial endorsements, you might want to go to this person's website just to see what type of material he or she creates.

That said, I love my new shirt.  

O.G. Abel's website


  1. Nice score - makes a trip to the mall seem worthwhile! And how brave of you to go there so close to Christmas time! There are some amazing designs on the website - I also like the skull with the sword through his head, er ... skull. :o)

  2. Great score! Don't think for a moment that you're using your blog as a "commercial endorsement", but rather a resource to share information, which not only helps the creator of the item, but it also brings to th attention of your readers something they, too, may have never otherwise heard of.

    Also, how many of us *still* walk into Hot Topic on that off-chance we'll actually walk out with something...?