Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cemetery Update

I haven't come up with very much to talk about this week but fortunately, the work crew has repaired and reinstalled the iron fence at the Walker Cemetery; so that gives me something to write about, even if this post will be kind of short.  

While this development doesn't signal the end of the restoration project, it does mark a major cornerstone as straightening an entire cast iron fence and anchoring it to its former cement-encased moorings can't be easy. The work took months to complete. 

I am very happy to see this gate restored. Before the restoration work began, this opening portal was resting upon the ground and was basically, preventing the collapse of the adjoining fence structure.   

This is just another shot looking toward the north. I'm really amazed at the craftsmanship it took to bend back into shape and evenly align the entire barricade. 

Next, the work will likely refocus on the graves, some of which are still in need of reassembling. You can view photos of the burial ground before restoration began by going here.



  1. wow, they did a really nice job with the fence. I really like watching the progress going on here.

  2. That looks really good, they did really well.

  3. What a beautiful little gate! So glad they didn't decide to tear it down and put up something new ...

  4. There have been some restoration to the old cemeteries in my county. It's very nice to see attention for the older cemeteries but alas one of the really charming, older ones have the original cast iron fences taken down because it takes much more money for the upkeep rather than replacing it entirely.

  5. I'm really excited about the restoration as it's hard to get funding for such projects anymore. Most of the graveyards around here operate on,if you can excuse the expression, bare-bone budgets.

    There are other even smaller burial grounds scattered around me. I'll likely, do a future story about those as well, but I want to wait until after we get a freeze because many of them are both deserted and farther back in the woods. Right now the chiggers are still biting, so it's not a good idea to stray off the path.

  6. It looks beautiful. They are doing a fantastic job! -Midi