Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cemetery Restoration: An Update

About two weeks ago I did a story about one of the nearby cemeteries and plans for its restoration. I considered that with the weather being as hot as it has been that the project might be put off until things cooled down a bit. I was wrong however, and the restoration project got underway just a couple of days ago. So, I just thought I'd provide a few photos for those interested in seeing how they're going about it.

The above picture, although taken from too great a distance perhaps, shows a cemetery with all of its decorative iron fencing removed. The damaged barricade has already shipped to a place where hopefully, sections of it that bent under the weight of fallen trees will be properly straightened and returned to their former structural integrity. 

Already two of the brick-lined tombs have been dismantled with their collective pieces placed nearby. The pieces that served as the foundation had been anchored a few inches below the surface of the ground. I'm not sure what purpose the rocks to the left of the grave have. It's definitely something I should ask about.

When I first laid eyes on the brick vaults some years ago they were still completely enclosed and I entertained the possibility that the bodies of the deceased had been kept above ground. It's obvious now that they were not. I'm not sure what the rectangle in the center is all about; but more likely than not, it simply represents the care with which the bottom bricks had been removed. The workers are trying their best to disturb these final resting places as little as possible.

Watching this process is an intriguing affair and I may have a few more photos of interest for you along the way.   


  1. cool, I'm glad they decided to go ahead with it.

  2. Very nice photos and thanks for the update. I was very curious about the bodies. -Midi