Monday, May 21, 2012

World Goth Day 2012

Over the weekend of May 22 to 24, 2009, a decision was made at BBC Radio 6 to sponsor a musical subculture weekend, which would include Goth programming on Friday, May 22. This was the humble beginning of an event, which by the next year, would be known as World Goth Day. 

This special day offers Goths the opportunity to not only celebrate the existence of their spooky subculture, but to raise public awareness of its actuality as well. How these goals are accomplished however, depends upon the participants, their locations and other similar factors.

Because World Goth Day falls on a Tuesday this year, some of the bigger celebrations will be taking place on Saturday. Some of these festive occasions include the World Goth Day 2012 Dance Party sponsored by the Dancing Ghosts in San Francisco and a fundraiser for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation in Tewkesbury, U.K.

For those, such as myself, who live in areas where there are no planned events, celebrating the day may consist of smaller celebrations with Goth friends, if they're available, or simply by listening to some good Gothic music, reading some dark literature or perhaps, watching a scary horror movie. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, all I can say is ENJOY!

For fuller listings of events, downloadable music and posters, forums and other general information you can go to the World Goth Day Website.


  1. Yes, World Goth Day is amazing. I didn't do anything gothic (unless you consider simply dressing in all black to be goth). I hope your day went well! -Midi

  2. It flew over my head. Last year I didn't really do something spooky-licious either. But there's always room for planning celebrations next year. It would be my dream to meet up with some Goths but that might take awhile (to earn the money, to actually travel, etc. etc.)

  3. Hello :) Nice over-view of WGD :)

    You posted on my blog post on the same subject but the comments vanished O.o

  4. Tenebris- Good luck meeting other Goths! -Midi

  5. The Gothic

    I am the poet of the dark
    cropping in cold gardens
    dead flowers
    with pale hands

    Am I being dark
    who watches the night
    with the look of a vampire
    trying to find beauty
    that lurks in every shadow

    My eyes painted black
    see what they can not
    be seen
    by mortal eyes

    I am the night mist
    ear of
    the cathedrals

    I wander in the dark skies
    where the eyes of
    the magical twilight

    in the dark
    see the light
    few still
    and on earth where beings
    gently with plan
    my wings
    dark angel

    My loneliness
    devours the hours
    waiting for the day is done
    to fall on me
    cover of night
    where daydream
    without arousing

    My verses written
    with blood
    runs like a warm rain
    in abandoned buildings
    where I leave the lament of a world

    Disease left by beings
    that destroy the world
    with their impious rage
    Who are the strangers?
    Or are you crazy?

    Leave me alone with my sorrow
    because the left is crying
    After all, someone needs to cry
    it's me
    being of darkness

    Let me light my fire
    in the land of the dead souls
    I lie down on the tombstones cold and pies
    left by beings
    of old

    Let me sing
    dark bowels
    Close to me
    the world is sick
    maybe there is more healing
    someone needs to cry
    then it's me
    being the dark night

    Sandro Kretus