Monday, April 9, 2012

The Man Behind the Cross and the Crow

Since the time that I started this blog, even in its earlier manifestation, I have used an attractive graphic of a crow sitting upon a darkened cross with an approaching storm in view as my avatar. I love the photo and if memory serves me correctly, a potentially dangerous thunderstorm was approaching just as I finished putting up the photo and my first blog post. On that night I shut off and packed up my laptop, grabbed a few other valuables and headed off to safer places until the storm passed. The synchronicity that took place that night has really inspired me to enjoy that particular photo and to use it to identify this blog for so long. 

That said, when I visit or comment on other interesting blogs, I notice that almost all of the bloggers and commentators use an actual photo of themselves as an avatar. I have long been an odd man out in this matter so to speak; and truth be told, I'm a very reserved person who fiercely guards his privacy; this, during a time in which many people publicly offer the most intimate details of their lives for all to see on Facebook or other social media. That's just not the way that I care to do things, however. Another point is that I simply don't like to see pictures of myself; that being the case, I find it difficult to consider sharing my photos publicly and it's only the valued opinions of friends and other acquaintances that sometimes give me a moment of pause. 

I have noticed that many of the ladies, such as Amy Asphodel of Stripy Tights and Dark Delights like to include pictures detailing their new outfits or their latest creative fashion idea. I enjoy these photo sets immensely and appreciate their creativity and the work they go through in order to look so darkly stylish. There have been times when I have made comments about my own style of dress without ever giving many of these folks a visual clue as to how I actually present myself. 

In spite of my personal inhibitions ,I recently decided that something needs to change and yesterday, I had a friend come over to take some new photos. I've been thinking that some of my readers might just be wondering who really lurks behind the cross and the crow. Now you'll get to see.

These are not expert photos by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact, they were taken with a cell phone camera and therefore, are not all that clear. Further complicating matters was my inability to upload them to my computer in the larger,original size in which they were sent to me. Instead, I had to expand them by 50 percent, which further blurs the images. Quite honestly, as I sit here typing this entry, I don't know how they'll turn out here or what size they'll be. I'm afraid that they may yet be too small. Still, I'm ready to give it my best shot; so here goes:  

This first photo shows my most recent hat acquisition, which was made by the Great Australian Hat Company. I found it in a local resale shop at a good price. Also included is my favorite dress shirt and Vampire Moon T-shirt from the Anne Stokes collection. The photo was taken in a cemetery situated just a couple of hundred feet from my front door.


Next, I'm wearing a white shirt. This is very unusual for me but I thought it a nice touch for whenever I might actually want to appear a bit dressy. It's also my best attempt at looking Victorian. I know, it really doesn't come close but I'm trying. The vest was bought at the same shop as the hat.


Finally, I present to you my more casual self, which is how I appear to the world most of the time. Of course, the trench coat serves me well in cooler weather and is really not appropriate for summer, but I love it anyway. I've had this particular hat for about ten years and originally bought it at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post in Colorado. It's my favorite but admittedly, I have to resort to a straw hat when the summer heat is upon us.

At least for awhile I'll probably join the world of the living by changing the avatar here to one of these photos. I may change it back again one day as well, but at least you know now who's behind the cross and the crow.

A.D. Vick


  1. What a wonderful post! The pictures may be a bit blurred, but anyone can tell that you are very good-looking, which further proves that intelligent people can also be attractive. I love the outfits, especially the last one! Thanks for sharing! -Midi

  2. Lovely none the less. I was very unsure of sharing any images of me before, but now I don't mind as much.

    Totally digging what you have, and I can still see a handsome face despite the blurriness.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words.

  4. I really like your outfits.

    I also think it's nice to see male fashion photos since in the blogging community they seem rather scarce.

  5. Thanks Trinidy! While I didn't do this to make any real fashion statements, the thought did cross my mind that most outfit photos are done by the ladies.