Friday, March 9, 2012

Full Moon Rising

What is it about the moon, especially the full moon, that inspires us to walk along deserted beaches at night--that prompts us to watch it slowly rise from behind a patch of woods--that inspires us to share passionate moments of romance beneath its pale light? 

For those of us who enjoy the darkness, this nighttime companion offers us sufficient luminance to navigate without the use of artificial light; yet, it obscures the mysteries that lie just beyond the nearest sand dune or wooded patch just a stone's throw away. It leaves us to wonder what lies in the shade of the forest that its light cannot penetrate. We are forced to contemplate what might be watching us as we traverse in the moon's dim luminescence. Certainly the nocturnal ones, the creatures of the night are keeping vigil over us; but is there more? What of the nature spirits? Perhaps, a sensually-adorned woman will suddenly emerge from the shadows --a huntress who uses her keen powers of seduction to ensnare her victim; one who discovers too late that she desires his very essence--his blood. 

A couple of nights ago I was invited to my next-door neighbor's for dinner. She lives a little bit farther up the mountain, a short but pleasant walk along a wooded dirt road. It was when I started on my return home that I saw it; a nearly full moon rising in the east, the leafless trees appearing as shadowy silhouettes in its pale radiance. I stood quietly for a moment, gazing into this nocturnal landscape --imagining--imagining that the dark goddess of my dreams might reveal herself in this magical place. 

At a certain time of the year the rising moon casts its first light into the small burial ground that lies east of the road. On these special nights the monuments and grave markers cast long shadows across the ground, inspiring a feeling of desolation--of death itself. 

Yes, the moon is an inspiring nighttime companion. It will be full tonight. Come walk with me. 

Photo Source Gothic Pictures Gallery. Author unknown.     

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