Saturday, October 29, 2022

Vintage Halloween Photos: 2022

It's the last weekend of October and the spooky season has arrived in all it's glory. This can mean only one thing: All Hallows Eve is drawing nigh. As has become the tradition here at The Gothic Embrace, it's time once again to celebrate by extracting vintage photos and illustrations from Halloweens past. 

As always, it is assumed that these materials, being so old, are now in the public commons and no copyright infringement is intended. So, let's move on to the first photo. 

 Now, this pic has got to be old. They just don't make them like this anymore. Not only is the style of artwork unlike most anything we see these days, but I have always appreciated how so many such pieces featured black cats at least in the background. Another feature of these earlier Halloweens was the presence of poetry; or, at least, rhyming lines above or below the illustration. 

What's not to love about this? I have seen this work of art, or very similar ones, for years now. As a matter of fact I purchased a spooky license plate for the front of my vehicle several years ago, and this is basically what I drove around with. The rain, and just plain wear and tear has pretty much ruined that plate, though. I guess I need to get another. 

What I like about this graphic is its rustic nature. Notice the scarecrows in the background, the rural type fencing, and the Jack O' Lantern, perhaps also a scarecrow, on the left. 

This is incredibly touching. I mean, how can any wicked old witch resist?

The above illustration is not only special because of its age and relationship to Halloweens of old, but because a Facebook friend posted it on one of the interesting groups he moderates. You see, he just lost his beloved Jaspee, a cat very much like this one. RIP, Jaspee, knowing that Thomas loved you. 

Well that pretty much does it for this year. I hope you've all enjoyed the photos. A Happy Halloween to all!