Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Vintage Haloween Photos 2021

 The days are drawing shorter and cooler. Leaves are again swirling in the autumn wind as they tumble to the ground, and the veil between the worlds grows thin. The spooky season has arrived. Halloween is just days away. 

As always during this time I enjoy presenting vintage Halloween art from years gone by This is the art that not only inspired me as a child, but continues to do so. For me, art like this is the essence of Halloween, and I always like offering it here at the Gothic Embrace. Without any further ado then, let's begin with the presentation. 

This is a creepy picture indeed. I always love pictures of Jack O' Lanterns and this one doesn't disappoint. The two skulls and the corn with the spooky face arising out of the pumpkin add a nice touch. 

What better companion to a Jack O' Lantern hanging on a tree limb than a crow? 

What could be creepier than an abode in a bog? Jack O' Lanterns light the way here, even as, according to legend, the fires of Hell burn within them in order to help Jack, who lost a bet with the Devil, find his way back to the earthly realm. 

This one is just so rustic. Here a being (a scarecrow perhaps) plays a flute while his ghoulish audience sits back, enjoying the performance. These days, there's very little rustic imagery surrounding All Hallows Eve. Some things have been lost during this digital age. This vintage picture reminds us of connection, and where Halloween really came from. 

I've seen this image in various forms, but they have always been one of my favorites.  For me, this is a scarecrow transformed. Notice the bats, the vulture, and the crow. What's there not to love about a work like this? 

Well, that's it for this year's offering. I hope you have enjoyed gazing into and engulfing yourself in the feel of Halloweens past. 

A Happy, but Spooky Halloween to all!

Saturday, June 26, 2021


I am pleased to announce the publication of my third book, called A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales. It seems to me that it has been a long time in coming, but the project is finally finished, and I'm happy with the results. 

As has been the case with my fiction, one of the pieces here is a sequel that ties together two separate storylines, while the others are stand alone. There is one thing that is new and unique about this new publication, however. It contains several pieces of flash fiction, which I was inspired to try my hand at by a former Facebook page called The Gothic Library. One of the longer stories here, A Day of Reckoning, got its start as flash fiction, but I just couldn't let it remain that way as the idea of it all opened too many possibilities. 

In the weeks ahead, I will be bring back my Creepy Samples Offerings in which I which I offer a new excerpt of a story contained in the book. This time around, however, I will only do this with each of the longer stories as the flash fiction is... well, just too short. For those who do not know, flash fiction is generally thought of as generally being only 500 words or less.

In keeping with my desire not to commercialize this particular blog, I will direct you to my other site, Tales of Dark Romance and Horror where you can find  all the information needed to purchase near the top of the page. More info will be added in the not-too-distant future. 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Happy World Goth Day

It's May 22, and that can mean only one thing. You guessed it! Today is World Goth Day. May you all have a very special celebration!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Her Memory Lives On

Nearly eight years ago, I did a post here about Sally, a person interred at one of the nearby cemeteries, which at the time of writing, was abandoned. A lot has changed since April, 2013, but one thing that hasn't changed is the mystery surrounding Sally, a girl or woman of whose life and last name, we still know nothing.  

Since that time, a group of people have become interested in that abandoned graveyard. Some years ago, the property owner deeded about 1.28 acres of the abandoned burial ground to them, and they have put a lot of time and energy into resurrecting it. Though their restoration effort is not complete, the area is easy enough to walk in now that the cemeteries play host to a fair number of visitors. 

A couple of days ago, I was tending to the small cemetery that I am responsible for when I noticed a colorful display over by Sally's grave marker. Thinking it might be trash, I headed in that direction. It was the above scene that greeted me upon my approach. Not only had Sally's life been commemorated, but her burial place had been enshrined.

If you look to the right, below the chair, you'll see a bottle resting against a large stone. In the bottle is message written on paper, which thanks the owners for taking care of the graveyard. 

It will be interesting to see how the cemetery group responds to Sally's shrine, as they have a work day coming up in a couple of weeks. As for me, I was just tickled to see such a neat outpouring of interest in keeping her memory. There will likely, always be a mystery surrounding Sally, but her memory is most definitely being kept alive. 

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