Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Vintage Haloween Photos 2021

 The days are drawing shorter and cooler. Leaves are again swirling in the autumn wind as they tumble to the ground, and the veil between the worlds grows thin. The spooky season has arrived. Halloween is just days away. 

As always during this time I enjoy presenting vintage Halloween art from years gone by This is the art that not only inspired me as a child, but continues to do so. For me, art like this is the essence of Halloween, and I always like offering it here at the Gothic Embrace. Without any further ado then, let's begin with the presentation. 

This is a creepy picture indeed. I always love pictures of Jack O' Lanterns and this one doesn't disappoint. The two skulls and the corn with the spooky face arising out of the pumpkin add a nice touch. 

What better companion to a Jack O' Lantern hanging on a tree limb than a crow? 

What could be creepier than an abode in a bog? Jack O' Lanterns light the way here, even as, according to legend, the fires of Hell burn within them in order to help Jack, who lost a bet with the Devil, find his way back to the earthly realm. 

This one is just so rustic. Here a being (a scarecrow perhaps) plays a flute while his ghoulish audience sits back, enjoying the performance. These days, there's very little rustic imagery surrounding All Hallows Eve. Some things have been lost during this digital age. This vintage picture reminds us of connection, and where Halloween really came from. 

I've seen this image in various forms, but they have always been one of my favorites.  For me, this is a scarecrow transformed. Notice the bats, the vulture, and the crow. What's there not to love about a work like this? 

Well, that's it for this year's offering. I hope you have enjoyed gazing into and engulfing yourself in the feel of Halloweens past. 

A Happy, but Spooky Halloween to all!


  1. Brilliantly creepy. The rustic one is my favourite I think... Definitely a story there!

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    2. Can't say that I disagree with you, Katrina.